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Mary Fagan

Who is this Mary Fagan?

Wanderlust and musical devotion have made Mary Fagan a true original with wide ranging influences. Backing herself solidly on guitar or piano, she floats seamlessly from jazz to folk, blues and rock. Influences range from Duke Ellington to The Grateful Dead, you can't fit her into just one musical category.  But no matter what she plays, you will be captivated.  She's got a voice that was forged in the blues then dipped in velvet.

In the Honey Bees Band Fagan joins up with guitarist Chris O'Neill, upright bassist Jock Irvine, Saxophone/Flutist Greg Mostovoy & Drummer Jared Steer.  They groove on Americana, 1930's Jazz, Western Swing & Originals.  All the while buzzing around the roots of American music.  You can catch the "Hive" in different combinations ~ as Duo, Trio, 4, 5 piece band or more.  
More Honey Bees = More Fun!

Fagan sings Jazz regularly with The State Street Combo and with the 18-piece The Tall Granite Big Band.  The Combo is often at Hermanos in Concord.  Check the show page for dates & more venues.

Music has always been part of life for Fagan. She was lucky to growing up in a house where both parents and a few siblings played piano. She took piano lessons - from a neighboring Nun and also studied music in public school, playing flute in the concert band & trombone in Marching Band. At The University of New Hampshire she studied Math and Political Science, earning a bachelor's degree in each. It was there, too that she picked up the guitar. Its portability suits her quite well. She's traveled most of the US and has played overseas in Ireland, China & Japan.  She's lived in New York, New Hampshire, Colorado, California, North Carolina and Austin, Texas and New Orleans, soaking up musical styles and flavors everywhere along the way.

The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, jazz greats Billie Holiday and Fats Waller have all been big influences.  Texas left its mark with classic country & western swing from the likes of Ray Price & Bob Wills.  Add to that some North Carolina/Virginia Bluegrass and the folk music she learned from her mother and you've got the gist of Fagan's musical vocabulary.  Whether with a group or accompanying herself on guitar or piano, her vocals are striking. She is both gritty and pure, her winsome style could give a grey sky the blues.

"...Billy Holiday in bell bottoms..."
                                           ~ Summit Daily News

"...Her voice will knock you off your chair!..."
                                           ~ Charlotte Observer

"...She knows more chords than I do!..." *
        ~ Redd Volkaert ~ Grammy Winner,  Master of the Telecaster
*Honestly,  Redd does say this, but it's not true!


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