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Mary Fagan

Tall Granite Big Band

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CDs ~ Listen here, Download for free.  

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Original song Be My Honey Bee, performed at WXKL in Concord, NH

Original song Kisses, perfomed by Fagan and Redd Volkaert

Live from The Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX.

Traditional Yi Folk Song
Musicologist Josh Dyer on Si-Xian, Fagan on guitar
& John Flower on Bass
Performed live in Dali, Yunnan Province, China
This is the Si-Xian that Josh plays in the previous video.  It's a traditional instrument of the Yi people, who live in some of the mountain areas of Southern China.  The dragon headstock and giant tuning pegs are cool.  Plus it's very fun to play!

A few notes about the CDs...

The paintings featured on each of the covers was done by Jiayi “Jane” Zhou, who is a deaf artist from China. In She studied art at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC.  
You can see more of her work at Jiayi's Facebook Page 

The initial recording session was at Bee Creek Studio outside of Austin, TX with Red Young at the piano and on Hammond Organ, Spencer Starnes on Bass, Brannen Temple on Drums, Mary Fagan on Acoustic Guitar & Vocals and East Side Flash at the Soundboard.  
Additional recordings were made by East Side Flash at Flashpoint & SunSpot in Austin; Chris Gage at MoonHouse Studios in Austin; Dave Hanbury & David Ylvisaker at House of Jam in Beltsville, MD; Randy Roos at Squam Sound in Ashland, NH; Tony Gross at GFi Studios in Ontario, NY and Chris Westerman at Blackwater Soundin Webster, NH.  
Jazz 8 was mixed by Dave Hanbury at House of Jam.  
Honey To The Bee was mixed by Dave Hanbury with the exception of tracks 4,5 & 9 mixed by East Side Flash.  
Both albums were mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Audio in Austin.


Jazz 8 Musicians:
Mary Fagan ~ Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Redd Young ~ Piano
Spencer Starnes ~ Bass

Brannen Temple ~ Drums

Redd Volkaert ~ Electric Guitar track 2

Honey To The Bee Musicians:
Mary Fagan ~ Acoustic Guitar & Vocals


Red Young ~ Piano & Hammond ~ 1,6,7,8,9
Alan Murphy ~ Hammond & Wurlizer ~ 2,3

Earl Poole Ball ~ Piano ~ 4                       

Electric Guitar:
Redd Volkaert ~ 1,4,6
Jacob Wise ~ 5,7,8,9,10

Mike Frederick ~ 2,3

Bass Guitar:
Janie Cowan ~  2,3,7,8

Spencer Starnes ~  1,6,10
Pat Harris ~  5,9
Steve Sachse ~  4

Brannen Temple ~ 1,2,3,6,7,8,10
Andy Beaudoin ~ 5,9
Andy Hamburger ~ 4

Backing Vocals:
Michelle Tilton ~ 8
Kristin DeWitt ~ 3,8,10

Madeline Cain ~ 2    
Alan Murphy ~ 2

Brannen Temple ~ 10 
Paul Pearcy 1,7

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