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The Honey Bees

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Honey Bees Band 

What’s that buzz?
It’s the sweet sounds of The Honey Bees Band!  Equal parts 30’s era Jazz, Western swing, Folk-Rock and Americana, the Bees mix it all up with flair, fun and a hint of mischief. Standards and favorites are equally served up with the original songs of chanteuse Mary Fagan, who also pollinates the rhythm with acoustic guitar or piano. Guitarist Chris O’Neill colors the nectar with sassy chording on a hollow-body jazz box and nimble runs on the Fender Telecaster. Holding it down low on the “big” bass, Jock Irvine keeps it cool and swinging while enhancing the mix with casual back up vocals. Journeyman drummer Jared Steer pops and locks the grooves while Greg Mostovoy’s improvisations on Saxophone and Flute make it all sound like the honey tastes;  smooth, sweet and satisfying.

 Trio & the 5 piece Band

Honey Bees

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